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  • Front Set
    2 Pc Front - Black
  • Front Black
  • Front Gray
  • Front Tan
  • Mid Black
  • Mid Gray
  • Mid Tan
  • Flexomat Colors
  • Flexomat Muddy Shoe
  • Trunk Black
  • Trunk Gray
  • Trunk Tan
  • Flexomat Gray
  • Flexomat Tan
  • 1st Economy priced custom All Season Auto Mats with a Lifetime warranty!
  • The FLEXOMATS are guaranteed against fading, cracking and being stain resistant!
  • A special melange of rubberized compositions, gives it a rubber feel and look, and that unsurpassed durability.
  • Over 8,400 custom patterns, all computerized digitized to insure a consistent fit, floor coverage is door to door.
  • Unique diamond shape square pocket pattern with an inside wall to wall measurement of 26 mm x 26 mm. The sturdy walls are 3 mm high so there is over 2000 cubic mm of liquid, dirt, debris holding capacity per square.
  • The hundreds of square shape diamond pockets in an average driver side makes sure that your carpets are protected from all elements.
  • The FLEXOMAT has solid base and is finished off with 3 mm long sharply pointed nibs for extra traction and grip!
  • Available in the following automotive colors Black - Gray and Tan.
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